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Topic – Patriotism Class – IX D 02 May, 2019 Activities Song:- Md. Fahad and Praveen presented a beautiful patriotic, song – ‘Ae watan mere watan’. Group song ‘Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara’ was presented by the students. Play:- Students performed heart touching patriotic skit titled the hanging of freedom fighters’. Poem :- Lakshika recited a beautiful patriotic poem titled ‘Mera Bharat’. Students actively and enthusiastically participated.

Topic – Respect For Elders Class – V D 7 May, 2019 Activities Poem – Shubham and Meeza presented a lovely poem on ‘Respect for elders’. The poem was presented with accurate pronunciation and rhyming scheme with full enthusiasm. Banner Presentation- 20 different students presented themselves on the stage holding banners on ‘Respect for elders’ (How we can show respect). While some were speaking the lines. Class Teacher – Ms. Dipali Bhatnagar

Topic – Good Manners Class – VI D 1 May, 2019 Activities : Poem – The title of the poem was ‘Good Manners’. Mahi explained the value of golden words like Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me etc. through the poem. Play – In this play students explained the value of good manners in anyone’s life with the help of various examples in practical life. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. Class Teacher – Ms. Rajni

Topic - Humility Class – V C 30 April 2019, The assembly of class V C was conducted on 30th April, 2019. The topic of assembly was ‘Humility’. A motivational thought was followed by word, meaning and its sentence. Some students presented National, International, Sports and School news. A beautiful dance based on Humility was presented by the students. The assembly was concluded by the message of the day. Class Teacher :- Ms. Preeti Pahuja 

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Topic – Punctuality Class – IX C 25 April, 2019 On 25th April, 2019 class IX C has their first assembly of the session. All the students have participated with full enthusiasm. The topic of our assembly was “Punctuality”. Students performed skit, gave message of the day, recitated the poem, Introduced new vocabulary word. It was the successful attempt. Class Teacher :- Ms. Vijay Laxmi 

Topic – Compassion Class – IX A 11 April, 2019 This was the first assembly of class IX – A in the beginning of the new session 2019-20. The topic of the assembly was the ‘Importance of Compassion’. All students and participants looked fresh and active. Participants of class – IX A conducted full assembly with confidence. They have presented ‘Thought of the day’. The topic was described with full enthusiasm. Class Teacher :- Ms. Sonia 

Topic – Generosity Class – IX B 18 April, 2019 This was the first assembly of class IX B of the session 2019-20. The topic of assembly was ‘Generosity’. All students participation actively with full confidence. They presented thought of the day, message and poem related to the topic in our assembly. Our S.S.T teacher also enlightened us about Jallianwala bagh museum and one of the student recited beautifully have self composed poem on Jalliawala bagh on the whole. It was an informative assembly. Class Teacher:- Pratibha Vrandani

Topic – Earth Day Class – V B 23 April, 2019 The assembly was conducted by class V B on 23 April, 2019 and topic was Earth Day. All the students participated in the assembly. A beautiful thought, poem, a group song and beautiful dance was presented by the students. The assembly was conducted with message, “He that plants trees loves others besides himself”. Class Teacher – Ms. Archana Dhariwal

States and Culture Activity The activity was to enhance the knowledge of our country and its states. Different cultural activities, culinary taste, traditional dresses and important Monuments were showcased in a poster.

Topic – Courage Class – VI A 16 April, 2019 Our assembly topic was ‘Courage’. All the students participated with full zeal and zest. They show their efforts by a thought, a message and word for the day. Students had given an excellent dance performance. They preached that courage is the most important virtue to live your life with integrity. Class Teacher – Ms. Sarika Sharma

Topic – Honesty Class – VI A 10 April, 2019 Class Assembly of class VI A was conducted on 10th April 2019 and the presentation was on the topic ‘honesty’. The message conveyed was how honesty is about truth telling, truth loving and truth speaking. All the children participated with great enthusiasm and keen interest. Class Teacher – Ms. Neetu Chakraborty

Topic – Hygiene Class – VI B 17 April, 2019 Our assembly topic was ‘Hygiene’. All the students participated actively and put their best efforts to make it interesting and successful through our assembly it was conveyed that cleanliness is necessary to lead a hygienic life. Class Teacher:- Ms. Sudesh

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